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Kunitz Protease Inhibitors Subfamilies

"A web/HMMer based tool to study Kunitz protease inhibitors..."

Bassaneze V.*; Gozzo, A.J.*; Nunes, V.A.*, Paiva, P.B.**, Araujo, M.S.* and Sampaio, C.A.M.*

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      Proteolytic enzymes are essential for survival of all kinds of organisms. They are involved in several physiological processes and are encoded for by approximately 2% of all genes. Although those essential functions, they must be maintained under tight control, for the reason that are potentially damaging for living beings. These controls are done by some distinct mechanisms, among them, the inactivation by protein inhibitors.
      The proteases inhibitors are divided in groups based on several protein characteristics. The plants in general express a large variety of protease inhibitors groups (16). One of these, the Kunitz STI, is the focus of this study. Members of this family have been purified and characterized at the Department of Biochemistry of UNIFESP.
      This web page was constructed to let researchers verify if a protein, with known sequence, have inhibitory activity that are still unknown (experimentally). It uses a Hidden Markov Model based approach to search the inserted proteins and classify them into subfamilies (based on inhibitory information).
      It's a part of the poster presented at the XXXIII Annual Reunion of the Biochemestry & Molecular Biology Brasilian Society with the title: "STUDY OF KUNITZ FAMILY PROTEINS SUBGROUPS THAT SHARE INHIBITORY FUNCTIONS USING HIDDEN MARKOV MODELS".

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